Stalbridge Cricket Club Sunday TT25 XI squad

Sunday TT25 XI Sunday TT25 XI

Vice Captain : A.N. Other

Player / Umpire : Hayden Williams

Right arm gentle medium pace.  Very gentle!!
Batting - not really. Fielding - best hidden at 3rd man, but can't throw.
HS 110 v Symene 1994. BB 6-4 v Owermoigne 1987.
Used to be good, not that anyone can remember! 

Captain : Colin Moore

Bald, short and overweight - but otherwise staggeringly good looking. Poor (and worsening) left-handed batsman, cymbal-using wicket-keeper, medium-quick right arm bowler, does a lot with the ball (both ways) and can bowl devastating leg-spin too! Sadly, has been criminally under-used as a bowler by a series of Captains over the years. Frankly, they're just jealous!
Howard Batten

I was once asked what is your usual method of dismissal, only answer that sprung to mind was 'a run out'. 

In the summer of 2015 I was unknowlingly talking to Josh Hazelwood at a bar in Canterbury (Kent version), picked up this person had an Australian accent and asked him 'do you play cricket?' ....  

Playing Style: Right arm bowl, right hand bat

Best Bowling: 5-30

Highest Score: 60*

Favourite Player(s): Jofra Archer

Teams Supported: Hampshire / Arsenal



Richard Brown
I am a very committed fielder.
Fred Chant
Former 1st XI Captain (and 2nd XI, and Sunday XI!). Wiley left arm chucker. Classy batsman, likes the 'Oldy Dabble', very quick between the wickets! Likes to 'field' in the slips.
Harry Dike
Second team umpire
Jason Forsey
Classy right hand bat (20 years ago!!)
Now non turning leggy who has been known to get a few runs in good light on a absolute road and take the odd slip catch (If Fred's not playing)
Probably not the best at backward point!!!
Jon Forshaw
Jon Fryer
Ex Henstridge man now moved over the border to the 'Bridge'. An experienced (old !) player who will keep going while the knees hold out. Generally a wicket keeper which helps as not too much running about involved and a bit part batsman
Archie Gilbert
Archie plays tennis, cricket and the guitar. He attends Sturminster Newton High School
Jack Gordon
2ft tall right arm medium
Julius Guthrie
A left-arm seam bowler, with the club since 2009. Dev XI Cpt from 2019-present. 
Max Hayward
I am 9 years old and am looking forward to playing for Stalbridge junior teams.
Chris Hedges
First team skipper and wicket keeper, second year as skipper. Been a member of SCC for at least 15 years.
Finley Kerr
Fin Kerr -  moved to Henstridge from Surrey in Sept 2014.
Iain Lomas-Walker
The bloke that got lapped by Ed whilst trying to run 3!
Alex Moore
I am a seam bowler and middle order batsman. At the age of 14 I am already taller than my father, Ian Moore, and am of course considerably slimmer than my uncle, Chairman Colin Moore. 
Oscar Moore
I love cricket (and football and rugby!). I bowl left arm and bat right-handed, and am already a better bowler than my Dad! In fairness, that's not difficult. I support Hampshire Royals. 
Daniel Watson
I love cricket it is my favourite sport. I tried lots of other sports then I found cricket . I tried tennis, football, swimming and horse riding but cricket is the best. I am trying hard at batting and bowling but I think I am better at batting. I was lucky to get into north Dorset in 2012 and learnt a lot with the coach Tom. But I am mostly saying thank you to my coaches at Stalbridge James and Grayham.

Reece Wilson
Hi there, I'd like to think that I'm a calm, coordinated batsman who's willing to dig deep when truly necessary in a team ethic second to none. But then others may say that I'm a slogging happy-go-lucky hacker that generally only thinks of himself on the field. They're probably right! 
Performance history