Stalbridge Cricket Club 1st XI squad

1st XI 1st XI

Captain : Howard Batten

I was once asked what is your usual method of dismissal, only answer that sprung to mind was 'a run out'. 

In the summer of 2015 I was unknowlingly talking to Josh Hazelwood at a bar in Canterbury (Kent version), picked up this person had an Australian accent and asked him 'do you play cricket?' ....  

Playing Style: Right arm bowl, right hand bat

Best Bowling: 5-30

Highest Score: 60*

Favourite Player(s): Jofra Archer

Teams Supported: Hampshire / Arsenal



Vice Captain : Simon Sweatman


Scorer : Mike Clarkson

Matt Bradberry
Bowls slow left arm something or other and has been occasionally known to turn up with the bat somewhere in the middle/lower order. Celebrates all wickets with a Brett Lee like fist pump celebration even in nets. Will bowl in sunglasses to look like Ashley Giles if requested. 
Rob Burfitt
Jack of all trades - Master of F-all, Right Arm - Erratic,  Natural Stoke Player (Ian Bells love child), Unelected 1st XI V.C, Professional gribbler, a big advocate of anything Alistair Cook, Sensei to the one they call "Hawk". 
Fred Chant
Former 1st XI Captain (and 2nd XI, and Sunday XI!). Wiley left arm chucker. Classy batsman, likes the 'Oldy Dabble', very quick between the wickets! Likes to 'field' in the slips.
Matt Chant
15's coach and 2nd team captain, Bridge veteran of 35 years, man and boy. Boycott esq batting technique, slightly prone to the leg side some would say. Always a pitch up bowler especially in the 'death net' during my 30 yard run up days. Hates losing but can tolerate it more now..just.
Andy Dike
Club treasurer and "matured" player! 
Jon Fryer
Ex Henstridge man now moved over the border to the 'Bridge'. An experienced (old !) player who will keep going while the knees hold out. Generally a wicket keeper which helps as not too much running about involved and a bit part batsman
Joe Gartell
Love all sport particularly cricket and hockey
Chris Hedges
First team skipper and wicket keeper, second year as skipper. Been a member of SCC for at least 15 years.
Rhys Horsman
I only get in the team because I'm captain
Robert Knight
1XI Captain of Stalbridge Cricket Club. 

Eddie Stevens

3rd XI player of the year - 2013 & 2015 



Stu Sweatman
Pinch hitting opening batsman (AKA slogger!) Opening bowler down the hill and specialist slip fielder (both due to lack of effort required). Usually manage half a season or so without carrying an injury.

Seen in my photo back in the days when I was good rubbing shoulders with Southampton captain Adam Lallana
Reece Wilson
Hi there, I'd like to think that I'm a calm, coordinated batsman who's willing to dig deep when truly necessary in a team ethic second to none. But then others may say that I'm a slogging happy-go-lucky hacker that generally only thinks of himself on the field. They're probably right! 
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