Stalbridge Cricket Club 2nd XI squad

2nd XI 2nd XI

Captain : Julius Guthrie

A left-arm seam bowler. I have been playing senior cricket at Stalbridge for six seasons, as well as a (very) brief stint with Exeter University in which I gained a lot of experience at watching the ball trickle to the boundary! 

Vice Captain : Neil Ford

Scorer : Richard Brown

I am a very committed fielder.

Umpire : Harry Dike

Second team umpire
Howard Batten

I was once asked what is your usual method of dismissal, only answer that sprung to mind was 'a run out'. 

In the summer of 2015 I was unknowlingly talking to Josh Hazelwood at a bar in Canterbury (Kent version), picked up this person had an Australian accent and asked him 'do you play cricket?' ....  

Playing Style: Right arm bowl, right hand bat

Best Bowling: 5-30

Highest Score: 60*

Favourite Player(s): Jofra Archer

Teams Supported: Hampshire / Arsenal



Matt Bradberry
Bowls slow left arm something or other and has been occasionally known to turn up with the bat somewhere in the middle/lower order. Celebrates all wickets with a Brett Lee like fist pump celebration even in nets. Will bowl in sunglasses to look like Ashley Giles if requested. 
Fred Chant
Former 1st XI Captain (and 2nd XI, and Sunday XI!). Wiley left arm chucker. Classy batsman, likes the 'Oldy Dabble', very quick between the wickets! Likes to 'field' in the slips.
Matt Chant
15's coach and 2nd team captain, Bridge veteran of 35 years, man and boy. Boycott esq batting technique, slightly prone to the leg side some would say. Always a pitch up bowler especially in the 'death net' during my 30 yard run up days. Hates losing but can tolerate it more now..just.
Paul Clarkson
Majestic batsman, some say I resemble a young Brian Lara (or John Barnes). Trying my hand at Wicket keeping, how hard can it be.
Jason Forsey
Classy right hand bat (20 years ago!!)
Now non turning leggy who has been known to get a few runs in good light on a absolute road and take the odd slip catch (If Fred's not playing)
Probably not the best at backward point!!!
Jon Forshaw
Jon Fryer
Ex Henstridge man now moved over the border to the 'Bridge'. An experienced (old !) player who will keep going while the knees hold out. Generally a wicket keeper which helps as not too much running about involved and a bit part batsman
Joe Gartell
Love all sport particularly cricket and hockey
Rhys Horsman
I only get in the team because I'm captain
Alex Moore
I am a seam bowler and middle order batsman. At the age of 14 I am already taller than my father, Ian Moore, and am of course considerably slimmer than my uncle, Chairman Colin Moore. 
Colin Moore
Bald, short and overweight - but otherwise staggeringly good looking. Poor (and worsening) left-handed batsman, cymbal-using wicket-keeper, medium-quick right arm bowler, does a lot with the ball (both ways) and can bowl devastating leg-spin too! Sadly, has been criminally under-used as a bowler by a series of Captains over the years. Frankly, they're just jealous!
Ian Moore
I am the younger, slimmer, better looking, less bald brother of the Chairman, Colin Moore.
I used to be able to bowl a bit but now fear by arm would travel down the wicket faster than the ball if I tried to run in as before. With short stumpy, sausage-like fingers I feel that spin bowling is probably also beyond my capabilities.
Batting  has always been my 'Achilles heel' and whilst I'd like to be remembered as a classy, expansive stroke player I will probably have to face up to being looked back on as a 'nudger' (- not to be confused as a fudge nudger).
You may well then ask what I am doing in any teams......well, I, like Richie Brown, am also a very committed fielder (and I can score, umpire and don't mind getting the flags in at the end of the game.)
I have also helped coach some youth teams over the past few years which makes me realise how terribly poor my technique actually is and probably always has been.
I've enjoyed playing with some very special players over the years including the devastating Pat Lester/John Old opening partnership, the lethal fast bowler Nick Simpson, the legendary Big Chief s--t cricketer Simon Chenery, Colin Pig Jockey Eggleton and of course Jamie 'Virgil' Dike.
My future cricketing aspirations are largely based around being able to play consecutive weekends without requiring the use of a wheelchair between games and seeing Stalbridge genuinely challenge for the Premier League title at some point in the next 10-15 years.   
Cameron Rawson
Pace bowler
Eddie Stevens

3rd XI player of the year - 2013 & 2015 



Reece Wilson
Hi there, I'd like to think that I'm a calm, coordinated batsman who's willing to dig deep when truly necessary in a team ethic second to none. But then others may say that I'm a slogging happy-go-lucky hacker that generally only thinks of himself on the field. They're probably right! 
Performance history